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Blockbuster R.I.P.

I’m as excited as everyone else is about the demise of Blockbuster video.  No other major store has had as much individualized hatred directed at them as Blockbuster.  If you ask anyone about their relationship with the chain video giant, … Continue reading

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Egan’s Creek Greenway

These are photographs from Egan’s Creek Greenway on Amelia Island.  I went there a few weeks ago on a Sunday morning.  One of the things I have found lacking in Jacksonville has been the amount of Greenways.  In Knoxville,  you … Continue reading

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I thought a good way to start the weekend might be a little Gary Toms Empire This is one of the great 70’s club tracks before the record companies started marketing everything that made people dance as disco.  The “Empire” … Continue reading

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Just when I thought I was out…

Fall in Knoxville mean one thing. Football. As soon as September rolls around, the city becomes obsessed. Everywhere you turn the metropolis is accented with Orange and White in anticipation of a new season when the boys of fall will … Continue reading

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The Way We Get By

Summer in Florida has been hot, and moving to Florida has been stressful. Lesley and I have had to buy a lot of odds and ends since we moved to Jacksonville, but the item that has been most beneficial has … Continue reading

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