Just when I thought I was out…

Fall in Knoxville mean one thing. Football. As soon as September rolls around, the city becomes obsessed. Everywhere you turn the metropolis is accented with Orange and White in anticipation of a new season when the boys of fall will once again do it for the gipper on the fields of gridiron or something. I’ve never cared about football, and living in Knoxville made me hate it. What makes an all-american boy like me hate the grand old game? The traffic. Seven fall Sundays, when the weather is just perfect in Knoxville, are hijacked by this four hour game. So much else could be happening, but no the game’s in town people shriek. My sister even planned her wedding around this fact. Lesley and I couldn’t even drive back to our condo last year because of the traffic that was letting out. We had to plead with the cop to let us drive half a block to get to our garage. Regardless it was an aspect of Knoxville that I was not going to miss. Unfortunately while driving over the main street bridge, I was struck by the numbers of cars on the road and the random cones in the middle of the asphalt. I told Lesley I thought that there must be some kind of downtown event tonight. Suddenly her eyes got wide like the Last Girl when she sees that the killer is not in the spot where she had killed him. “It’s the Jaguars, shit the Jaguars are playing tonight.” Sitting in our car in the middle of the main street bridge we both felt a lot less homesick.

Main Street Bridge (on a good day)


About magnetandsteel

This is a collaborative blog shared with my wife. We are recent transplants to Jacksonville from Knoxville, TN where we both went to college. Right now we plan on the blog to focus on our everyday passions like photography and cooking as well as the pop culture things we take in on a regular basis.
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