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Lil’ Talbot

No. That’s not the real spelling. However, if you are visiting North Florida you should stop by Little Talbot Island. It has everything for an afternoon. Great beaches that seem to stretch out forever. We were there during one of … Continue reading

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Friday Funtimes

I always end up downloading a lot of new music for the weekend. Not everything sticks. Sometimes what swings in a 30 second clip does not make for good multiple listens. Here are the tracks that we listened to last … Continue reading

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Brown Thumb

It makes me sad, but my thumb is brown. I try to grown herbs, succulents, flowers, etc…and they all seem to die in a matter of days. I really want a nice little container garden on our porch, so I’ve … Continue reading

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Big Night Out

Usually when Lesley and I go out on the weekends, we tend to hit one bar and then come running back to the homestead.  A couple of weeks ago we stopped at a few places.  Here are some photos from … Continue reading

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View from a Porch

If you ever wonder where Lesley and I eat shrimp dip and drink economy sized wine.  Here is the view from our porch.

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