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Is there Cornhole on Mars?

Recently my sister and mother came to visit me and Lesley at Fernandina Beach. While there Lizzie and played a couple rounds of cornhole. This is the one game where I can beat my sister. Anything involving speed or endurance … Continue reading

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Watch This (Instantly)

Jacksonville was under gray skies most of the weekend.  Lesley and I spent most of Saturday and Sunday in our apartment.  This gave us the opportunity to catch up on some movies that had been cluttering up our Netflix instant … Continue reading

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29 South

Sometimes I feel food reviews get the short end of the stick. No one goes to the movies and includes a description of the theater in their review of the film. The movie is never downgraded because of sticky floors … Continue reading

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Recently Unearthed

Recently Lesley and I were visited by our good friend from Knoxville Liz. We stayed at Fernandina during the labor day weekend.  During our trip we hit the local antique shops. That is where I picked up these Lps. Most … Continue reading

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Almost There

Even though it has been short week, Lesley and I have been fighting hard to be good until Friday. Nothing tastes as sweet as delayed gratification. Although we will probably hit Friday harder than we should. I have already suggested … Continue reading

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