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Jacksonville was under gray skies most of the weekend.  Lesley and I spent most of Saturday and Sunday in our apartment.  This gave us the opportunity to catch up on some movies that had been cluttering up our Netflix instant Queue. (Full Disclosure-I fell asleep for a few minutes during both these films. Not because they were inherently boring, but because we were lying in bed and I was very comfortable.)

Vanishing on 7th Street

This one seemed a little suspect.  Not great reviews and showed up immediately on the instant queue. It turned out to be good little atmospheric horror film. The story had a lot of flaws. The rules of survival seemed a little specious. What saved the film was the execution. The lighting and cinematography was great. The “monsters” were genuinely creepy. Acting was pretty solid.  One thing that I appreciated was the music that was used in the film. The original music was fine, but the soul music they used was incredible. The use of the Marvelletes “Forever” was particularly haunting. I don’t know why filmmakers have to cop out and use the same songs over and over.

All Good Things

This one was a crime story based on actual events. It centered around a rich husband who marries a middle class woman. It follows there marriage until she disappears.  Lesley liked this alot. I thought it was pretty good, although I had some problems with the character development. Gosling was good as the husband, but it felt that he didn’t get a chance to progress from the free-spirit to the brooding husband. I think that Andrew Jarecki is a real talent to watch. I liked his Capturing the Friedmans, and can’t wait to see what he decides to do next.

Night Moves

This was an Arthur Penn directed mystery from the 70’s. It starts a little slow, but the mystery takes some good twists in the last third of the movie. Gene Hackman is always great to watch, and a young Melanie Griffin is very easy on the eyes. If you are a fan of The French Connection or The Friends of Eddie Coyle you will definitely enjoy this film.


About magnetandsteel

This is a collaborative blog shared with my wife. We are recent transplants to Jacksonville from Knoxville, TN where we both went to college. Right now we plan on the blog to focus on our everyday passions like photography and cooking as well as the pop culture things we take in on a regular basis.
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