“Blood mother, blood” exclaimed Anthony Perkins in Psycho. I feel that this will be the first words the kid in Inside will utter. This is one intense film.

The thing my wife finds freakiest in horror films is the shot of the villian standing over the protagonist without their knowledge. She has a fear (fairly rational one I think) of waking up and finding a stranger in our bedroom. I have a very bizarre dread of things getting stabbed into my stomach (especially my bellybutton). This movie preyed on both of these neuroses. It had a nice balance of suspense and gore, untill the end when gory inevitable wins out.

The story features a very pregnant women on christmas eve who is attacked by a deranged woman. That’s pretty much it. A few more people enter to add to the body count, but that’s the movie. Keeping the story short helps focus on the suspense. There is one unfortunate plot twist at the end of the film that really ruins the climax of the film. I wouldn’t spoil it for anyone reading this, but it was so weird and ridiculous that I immediately ran to IMDB to see what even happened. It took me out of the film, and I stopped caring what happened in the last 5 minutes which was exactly what I knew was going to happen.

Oh yeah, it’s in French too. Classy.


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