Lemora: A Child’s Tale of the Supernatural

This has been the lowest budgeted film I have seen up to this point. It was also the most interesting. What made Lemora stand out was the production. The producers of the film really utilized what they had. They did a good job with sets and backgrounds which never seemed flat or cheap. The story, about a young girl drawn into a world of witchcraft, was told through the eyes of Lila Lee which creates a real sense of suspense and tension.

While the movie does not really scare. The vampires are not bad (especially for the budget), but are more ugly than creepy. Lemora herself is threatening, but really more as an allegorical or symbolic figure. The way in which Lemora works is making the fear of the child the driving part of the film. Even before she gets to Astaroth, we see Lila’s fear in being out in the world of corruption where she is harassed and menaced by the drunks and perverts of the town. In a lot of ways the movie reminded me of The Night of the Hunter or Curse of the Cat People. It was a genuine portrayal of a young woman’s transformation from innocence to corruption. We empathize we Lila. We want her to stay protected, but we know that she can’t be. Eventually life will find everyone.


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