The Nesting

After the bloodbath of Inside, I thought a nice supernatural, atmospheric spooky film of the traditional variety was in order. With this in mind I began searching the options on the Netflix instant queue. The Nesting seemed to fit the bill. Spooky house, haunted woman, and crimes of times past, The Nesting hit all the boxes for a promising film. Unfortunately, this promise is never met. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where this film goes wrong. The production looks fine, except for some of the flashback episodes which are set in a 40’s brothel which just looked cheap. The plot was fair, if a little predictable. The acting was acceptable, although should have featured more John Carradine and Gloria Grahame. I think the main problem was the lead character. Lauren Conrad was one of the most irritating characters I have seen in a film. She was arrogant, pushy and just plain unlikeable. I realize that she was supposed to be a woman with issues and deep psychological problems, but these just generally materialized as a woman that I would never want to be around. In the first five minutes, she refers to herself as a genius. So, you can see what kind of person we are dealing with. Finally, I would like to mention my favorite character of the film; the house. It is a beauty. I would like to live there, bloody history or not.


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