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Johnny Blaze(r)

“Would you like the antique plates, sir”? I considered the DMV lady’s request. I had never owned an antique car before. Maybe I could get the tag, pimp this ride out, and even for to some Chevy Blazer shows. This … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Fridays

The best example of the dual authorship of this blog is in the variety of music picks. Today we have a very distinct example of this dicotomy. While, Lesley always come to appreciate each other’s pick, we usually start off … Continue reading

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Weekend Love-A-Thon

As the night grows darker and the weekend starts to slip into the realm of memories, I like to think back on the things that I enjoyed this weekend that made it so special 1. Amaretto Sours Lesley made these … Continue reading

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Jimmy Castor R.I.P.

The man died with little fanfare, especially in contrast to the royal funeral of the singing trainwreck that was Whitney. Jimmy Castor was so important to me when I first got into DJing. I had his album “It’s Just Begun”. … Continue reading

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Jonesboro, Tennessee

These pictures were starting to get a little dusty. I took these the morning of our wedding with my Holga 120 CFN. Lesley and I were at her aunt and uncle’s farm in east tennessee. It is really beautiful up … Continue reading

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Carolina Barbeque

If you live in Spartanburg, Carolina Barbeque is probably not a big deal. Spartanburgians (Spartanburginites?) surely have at least 3 other places they flock to for bbq. Carolina BBQ might be considered the populist joint that lacks the real South … Continue reading

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