Summer Music Recap II: The Man Rave

So last week I broke down Lesley and my favorite music from the last 3 or four months. I certainly didn’t mean for these two posts to break down in a sexist ways. I wasn’t attempting to proclaim one type of music as masculine or feminine. It was just an easy way to break up what would have been a rather long post. With that being said, I must admit that the music on today’s post is of a much different energy than that of last week’s. All I can say is that is was not intentional.

Definitely the workout track of the summer.

Lesley hates Rick Ross (although lately she has been using the term “like a boss” for some strange reason).  I can understand the sentiment. I am fairly ambivalent towards Mr. Ross. That being said the Andre 3000 verse is one of his dopest, and definitely worthy of repeat listenings. It starts at the 3:00 mark.

A mormon doing a Springsteen impression, what is not to love? Ok, this song, this band are both fairly ridiculous, but if I get a few beers in me and this song comes on I lose my mind right before I start singing along and air drumming.

Something a little different here. I found this on the amazing This was a late summer entry, but might just be my song of the year. It is one of the rare joys of listening to music (especially soul music) when a contemporary artist can highlight and draw on his influences and still create something that is completely unique and fresh.

All in all it was a good time. We moved, sweated, and found a new place in an old location. It certainly has been summer I will never forget. That being said, summer don’t let the door knob hit you because I am definitely ready for fall to arrive.


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This is a collaborative blog shared with my wife. We are recent transplants to Jacksonville from Knoxville, TN where we both went to college. Right now we plan on the blog to focus on our everyday passions like photography and cooking as well as the pop culture things we take in on a regular basis.
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