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This is a collaborative blog shared with my wife. We are recent transplants to Jacksonville from Knoxville, TN where we both went to college. Right now we plan on the blog to focus on our everyday passions like photography and cooking as well as the pop culture things we take in on a regular basis.

New Starts

So this page has been dark for a little while now. Honestly, this has been due to a few factors. Primarily we have been extraordinarily busy moving into our first home. Between the hunting process and then moving process, our … Continue reading

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Winter in Westwood

Sometimes it all comes together somehow. I woke up on a Saturday morning in January, and was amazed with the weather outside my window. It had snowed an inch or two the night before, while I witnessed this a few … Continue reading

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Winter Movie Project

Currently, there are a lot of movies I want to catch up with. I have spent hours the last couple of weeks just flipping around on the old Netflix queue just trying to make a decision. So I have been … Continue reading

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Messy Autumn

These are some photos I took on a little daytrip Lesley and I took to Bryson City NC. We had a great trip with wonderful weather. I would advise anyone taking this voyage to take the time and avoid “the … Continue reading

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Before it actually fascinates. Fascination serves merely to titillate. In fact, the first half of this film is an increasingly frustrating experience. All the dialogue about what is going to happen later intercut with softcore sex scenes. The two female leads … Continue reading

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Final Destination 5

Ugh. I watched this on a hungover Sunday afternoon. Man this franchise has really become tired. The acting has hit a new low. Rob Cordry has been brought onto the cast with little or no comic effect. Some of the … Continue reading

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The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb

How exciting would a trip to Hammer Studios in the sixties have been? I imagine actors in monster makeup and period costumes wandering around and socializing in front of fake European castles. Hammer films always fill me with a sense of nostalgia … Continue reading

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