October Horror Fest

So last year, I watched 13 horror movies during the lead up to Halloween. I did this for the simple reasons of focusing my viewing habits and also ramping up my excitement for the holiday. I have decided to do this again for the same reasons with the extra inducement  that Lesley and I have procured to tickets to the Knoxville Horror Film Fest. This event is held at the end of the month at the Relix Theatre in the Happy Holler neighborhood of North Knoxville. I’m hoping that watching a dozen or so horror movies will get me in the mood to see the festival and if nothing else clear out some space on the Netflix queue.

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Summer Music Recap II: The Man Rave

So last week I broke down Lesley and my favorite music from the last 3 or four months. I certainly didn’t mean for these two posts to break down in a sexist ways. I wasn’t attempting to proclaim one type of music as masculine or feminine. It was just an easy way to break up what would have been a rather long post. With that being said, I must admit that the music on today’s post is of a much different energy than that of last week’s. All I can say is that is was not intentional.

Definitely the workout track of the summer.

Lesley hates Rick Ross (although lately she has been using the term “like a boss” for some strange reason).  I can understand the sentiment. I am fairly ambivalent towards Mr. Ross. That being said the Andre 3000 verse is one of his dopest, and definitely worthy of repeat listenings. It starts at the 3:00 mark.

A mormon doing a Springsteen impression, what is not to love? Ok, this song, this band are both fairly ridiculous, but if I get a few beers in me and this song comes on I lose my mind right before I start singing along and air drumming.

Something a little different here. I found this on the amazing soul-sides.com. This was a late summer entry, but might just be my song of the year. It is one of the rare joys of listening to music (especially soul music) when a contemporary artist can highlight and draw on his influences and still create something that is completely unique and fresh.

All in all it was a good time. We moved, sweated, and found a new place in an old location. It certainly has been summer I will never forget. That being said, summer don’t let the door knob hit you because I am definitely ready for fall to arrive.

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Summer Music Recap (Part 1): Ladies First

So as the days begin to shorten and summer breathes it’s last gasps, I thought I would take a few moments to reflect back on the soundtrack of summer 2012. I am going to start with female artists, mostly because there seem to be a lot more of them.

This might be my favorite of the year. Rather down tempo for a summer song, yet completely catchy and irresistible. I think this girl is going to be huge. Maybe not now, but soon.

I am absolutely crazy of genre switching covers. Anything that gets a weird disco version is going to get a listen from me. Great voice and great version. It is worth looking for the full version.

I am very excited by this artist, She is really fascinating. She seems to work in all kinds of genres and sounds. But she does it effortlessly without using her versatility as a smoke screen to hide how she is not really good at anything (looking at you Janelle Monae). Lianne reminds me of so many people. I’m really excited to hear the whole album.

Great song. great video.

I listened to Patti Smith on all songs considered. Her new album sounds great. There was a time when I had a giant aversion to all things Neil Young. Recently, I have come to have a begrudging respect for him. Patti does this song great. I think she has the tone for it. Lesley thinks it’s a bit slowed down, but I don’t think it hurts the song. The kids at the end? I’m not sure how I feel.

Up next: The fellas.

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Nostalgic Sunday

I had a pretty tough weekend. My new job required me to be at work at 5:30 Saturday and Sunday. I have had early rising jobs before, but something about doing it on a weekend just feels a bit perverse. The kicker was that Lesley and I were set to celebrate our 6th anniversary this weekend. This is the anniversary of our first date, not our wedding which we just celebrated last month. I know that the wedding anniversary will eventually dwarf our previous milestones, but we are always looking for a chance to celebrate.

Despite, my ungodly work schedule on Sunday, I had a wonderful day. Firstly, I was greeted with the news that Roger Federer had won Wimbledon. Fedex is by far my favorite tennis player of all time, and perhaps my favorite athlete. While I was sad to miss his triumphant ascent to the top of the tennis world, his victory made reminisce fondly of all the great matches I had seen him play over the years. Later, my mother treated Lesley and I to a movie at the Downtown west cinema. We saw the newest release from Woody Allen, To Rome With Love. It was great.   I am so excited to watch this late stage resurgence of Woody. The movie was funny, clever, touching, and beautiful. It was what you expect from a Woody Allen film.  I think what made Sunday so special was watching two of my personal heroes, one dominant in the physical realm the other in the creative realm, recapture their former glory. It makes me remember that there is always time to run, draw, create, build, and all the other things that make life worth living.

Also making life worth living? Those roasted peach ginger drinks that Lesley made last week. Great summertime refreshment

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Roasted Peach & Ginger Tea

Roasted Peach and Ginger Tea



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Absent with an excuse

So this blog ground itself to fairly abrupt stop. I think that we have a pretty good excuse. We have moved. Yes, we have pulled up stakes from Jacksonville and brought our sorry asses back to Knoxville. While, we  will miss the sand and sun, we are excited to be back in the land of club soda unbridled.  We love our new domicile and are having a blast putting it together. In the future, look for lots of posts regarding decorating and crafts as we try to get this place looking as good and feeling as homey as we know it can.

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On to the Weekend

Starting a little late this Friday, but soon we should be out and about at one of our favorite haunts. Eventually, we will end up back on the deck where we will be playing some of the tunes that have been running through our heads this week

Just sold a vinyl copy on ebay. As I was converting it to the itunes, I began to wonder if I made a huge mistake. In no way a heavy metal fan, but there is something endearing about this mash-up of hard rock and frat rap.

On the opposite side of the rock spectrum is this bubblegum ditty from the guys that wrote some of the Monkees greatest hits. Elizabeth Montgomery still makes me feel funny.

Don’t judge me. Only god can do that.


This is for Lesley. We were discussing a new tapas restaurant called Tapa That in Jacksonville. She said she couldn’t look at their website without singing this song.

“He’s so funky”

This is kind of documentary of how we first met.

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